Fomtec’s wide selection of high quality monitors offering features such as cast-in vanes for high flow efficiency with minimised flow turbulence. Our industrial and maritime monitors are highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate, offering optimal coverage in industrial, mining and marine environments.

Fomtec’s Firefighting monitors are used in storage and process areas, in petrochemical/ pharmaceutical/chemical industries, oil & gas, marine and aviation sectors, to apply water, foam or dual agents. Monitors for all these applications are available in a variety of designs, sizes, materials and nozzle configurations.

Monitors are widely used as a manual, electrical, hydraulic or portable piece of equipment. Flows from 500lpm up to 46,000lpm are available. Supplementary cover is provided by portable and mobile monitors. Several of our monitors are designed to be carried by hand and placed on the ground to provide a rapid response in the event of a fire. These monitors, in combination with the right masterstream nozzle or monitor branchpipe, will give an excellent performance.

All of our master stream nozzles will be suitable for water and water-foam use. All monitors are compatible with Fomtec’s diverse range of master stream nozzles. For applications on ATEX II 2GD IIBT4, contact our technical staff.