Fomtec® Uller 881 CBS Self-inducting foam/water nozzle


This self-inducting water/foam nozzle, are especially designed for Siv monitors, but can also be mounted on any other monitor with 1½ or 2½ ” water outlet and suitable for water and foam solutions. The discharge pattern is adjustable from fog to straight stream during operation. Foam ratio can be easily set, with interchangeable orifice plates, which are included. The nozzle comes with a 2,5 meter long industrial grade pick up-hose with quick coupling. The fixed flow nozzle is available with choice of 550 lpm at 7bar nozzle pressure.


  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant brass construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Straight stream to fog
  • Fixed flow rate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Interchangeable foam orifice inserts for 3% or 6%
Uller 881 CBS Self inducting foam nozzle


Ideal to use in connection with fixed monitors in industrial and marine applications.


The Uller 881 nozzles are fitted with a 1½ or 2½ “ female thread, suitable for monitor Siv or any other monitor with 1½ or 2½ ” water outlet. Before use, After using foam solution, clean it with water. By turning the handles, the discharge pattern can be adjusted from straight stream to fog. Flow will remain the same regardless of spray pattern.

Technical data

Flow rate (fixed) 550 lpm
Nominal pressure 7 bar
Inlet 1½ or 2½” BSP FM (specify)
Material Marine Brass
Length 160 mm
Weight 4.5 kgs
Flow at 7 bar (LPM) 550
Throw(mtr) (AFFF 3%) Straight stream/ narrow fog 24/15
Foam inlet (Inch) 3/4
Ratio % (adjustable) 3 or 6%