Siv 611 Single gear operated fixed monitor


Siv 611 is a 3” monitor for fixed installations made of corrosion resistant bronze, with an unobstructed 3” waterway for low friction loss and high flow. Ideal for marine, offshore, industrial or other corrosive environments. It is suitable for water and foam applications both onshore and offshore. It has been approved by Lloyds register for marine use. The construction include vertical movement by worm gear that is fully enclosed from the elements. Bearings and other fittings which are vital for the correct functions, are made in stainless steel. Cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow up to 4,800lpm ,minimizes turbulence and frictional pressure losses. It has grease fittings for lubrication.


  • Compact
  • Low weight
  • Usable with river and sea water
  • Works at low temperatures
  • Runs with water or foam
  • High flows
  • Low pressure drop
Siv 611, flanged monitor


  • Siv 611 should be used at:
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Oil & Chemical Tankers
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Helidecks
  • Tank farms
  • Loading areas
  • Chemical plants
  • LNG/LPG production units
  • Offshore platforms
  • Jetties

Recommended Foam

  • All foams


  • Uller nozzles 1,000 to 4,800 lpm
  • Frigg aspirated foam branchpipe in stainless steel up to 4,000 lpm, with or without self-induction
  • Borghild self-oscillating unit.
  • For further information see our nozzle data sheets.


The monitor should be connected to the flange. Than the elevation, should be pre-adjusted. When the water arrives to the monitor the settings can be manually adjusted both vertical and horizontal.


If used with Borghild self-oscillating unit, the monitor wil start oscillating according to the pre-settings of the Borghild oscillating unit Borghild oscillating unit can also release the oscillating function during operation and manually direct the stream.

Technical data

Max. water flow 4,730 lpm
Max. operating pressure 14 bar
Friction loss 1.8 bar at 4,730lpm, 1.24 bar at 3785lpm
Horizontal movement 360˚
Elevation -60˚ to +70˚
Water inlet flange Standard: DN80 & 3”ANSI, Optional: DN100 & 4” ANSI
Water outlet 2 ½” BSP M thread
Material Bronze- C83600, ASTM B62
Leight 432 mm
Width 381 mm
Weight 22,7 kg
Part no. 20-3500-01