Balder P portable monitor


Balder is a 2½”monitor for portable use. Balder has a water inlet with a 2½” BSP thread. For flows above 1,500 liters it is equipped with a double inlet. The pipes are casted in anodized aluminium. Parts which are vital for the correct functions, such as swivels are in stainless steel. Innovative piping technology minimizes turbulence and frictional pressure losses. Balder is compact and weighs only 6.7 kg.


  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Usable with river and sea water
  • Runs with water or foam
  • High flows
  • Low pressure drop
Balder P portable monitor


The fire hose should be connected and put in a circle around the monitor. If two fire hoses are used one of them should be connected and put into a circle. The fire hose stabilizes the monitor. The two spikes and the water inlet at the front compensate the reaction forces, and keeps Balder standing alone. Adjust the direction and elevation. Both could be fixed but also adjusted during operation.


  • Fire brigades
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Tank Farms
  • Loading areas
  • Chemical plants

Recommended Foam

  • Protein based foams
  • AFFF foams
  • AFFF ARC foams
  • Multi-purpose foams
  • Fluorine free foams

Technical data

Max. water flow (1 inlet / 2 inlets) 1,500 / 2,500 lpm
Elevation +25° - +80°
Water inlet thread 1 x 2½” / 2 x 2½”, BSP M thread
Water outlet 2½” BSP M thread
Material Anodised aluminium
Length 440 mm
Height 390 mm
Width 330 mm
Weight 6.7 kg
Part no. 20-3000-00, 20-3000-01


  • Double inlet for flows above 1,500 liters/min.


  • Freja nozzles 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 lpm
  • Frigg aspirated foam branch pipe in stainless steel up to 2,000 lpm
  • As above with self-induction

Quality Control

Balder range monitors are designed and developed to be user friendly and is manufactured according to internal ISO procedures.