HP-Z 200 – Portable inline inductor


The HP- Z 200 in-line inductor is constructed for a pre-calculated water flow. It creates a pressure drop in the water pressure of about 30-33% at that flow. Foam is drawn through a 25 mm pick- up tube from a container at atmospheric pressure. The pre-set flow of foam concentrate is continuously added to the water stream. Friction loss through the hose and static pressure loss of up to 5 bars does not influence the induction rate. A special control valve built into the base of housing produces this outstanding performance. A non-return valve prevents water flow back into the foam container once the water supply is turned off.


  • 5 bar Friction loss will influence proportioning
  • Performs with all foam compounds
  • Effective with 100m hose length or 36m height
  • Selectable induction between 0 and 6%
HP-Z 200 - Portable inline inductor


Variable in-line inductors are used to mix foam concentrate with water when the foam concentrate is supplied from a tank at atmospheric pressure. This in-line inductor has a better tolerance to back pressure and better foam concentrate suction than a standard in-line inductor. The HP- Z 200 inductors are connected to the water line. They can be placed far from the foam branch-pipe, as they can accommodate up to 5 bar pressure loss in the hose.

Recommended Foam Concentrates

The inductor performs with all types of foam concentrates, including high viscosity alcohol resistant concentrates.

Technical data

Nominal water flow 200 lpm
Mixing ratios Up to 6%
Foam inlet Stortz D-coupling
Inlet 2” BSP FM thread
Outlet 2” BSP M thread
Material Body: Brass, Outlet: Aluminium
Length 310 mm
Height 185 mm
Width 140 mm
Weight 4.0 kg
Part no. 20-2000-02
Pick up tube 1,5 m. 20-2300-00 (included)