GB 2”-10” FP proportioners


The GB “FP” is a high performance foam proportioner designed for use with foam pump and combines very high proportioning accuracy with a low pressure drop. The GB series comes in sizes from 2 inch up to 10 inch, and flow ranges between 110 to 24000 lpm (standard versions). The flow range ratio of 1:10 (1:5 for ARC type foam) makes the GB a flexible component in a fixed foam system. For maximum flexibility the GB proportioners can be modified to suit a unique system specification. It can be modified for adjustable proportioning ratio or for minimal pressure drop or flow rate higher than 100% without changing proportioner body size. The GB “FP” proportioners are standard equipped with check valve and balancing valve.


From the moment that there occurs a minimum water flow through the nozzle, there will be a slight under pressure in the mixing chamber, just behind the nozzle. Connected to this mixing chamber is a pressure sensing tube, connected on the other end to the balancing valve. This valve is balancing the foam concentrate side against the mixing chamber side, with 1 bar difference. The foam concentrate pressure side will be always 1 bar
higher pressurized than the water side. On top of the balancing valve is a check valve situated, to prevent water flowing into the foam concentrate line, when the concentrate pump isn’t pumping.

GB 2”-10” FP proportioners


The GB “FP” foam proportioning is designed for between flange mounting (wafer), DIN or ANSI. It is important to keep the foam pump pressure minimum 1 bar over water pressure to enable accurate proportioning.
The proportioner body is marked with flow direction and foam inlet is connected to the check valve. Suitable for use with fresh or sea water and any type of foam concentrate.


  • 1% or 6% fixed proportioning
  • Adjustable proportioning ratio
  • Different flow rates
  • Optimized pressure drop

Technical data

Please see technical data in the datasheet.