Fomtec® Z – 200 inline inductor


The Z – 200 inline inductor is constructed for a pre-calculated water flow. It creates a pressure drop in the water pressure of only about 30-33% at that flow. Foam is drawn through a 25 mm pickup tube from a container at atmospheric pressure. The flow of foam concentrate is continuously added to the water stream. Friction loss through the hose and static pressure loss of up to 2 bars does not influence the induction rate. A non-return valve prevents water flow back into the foam container once the water supply is turned off.


  • Friction loss up to 2 bars does not influence proportioning ratio
  • Constant proportioning ratio
  • Variable proportioning between 1% and 6%
Fomtec® Z - 200 inline inductor


Variable in-line inductors are used to mix foam concentrate with water, when the foam concentrate is sup- plied from a tank at atmospheric pressure. The Z- 200 inductors are connected to the water line. They can be placed away from the foam branchpipe, as they can accommodate up to 2 bar pressure loss in the hose.

Recommended Foam Concentrates

  • Fluoroprotein 3% or 6%
  • Protein 3% or 6%
  • FFFP 3% or 6%
  • AFFF 1%, 3% or 6%
  • Multi purpose foam

Technical data

Nominal water flow 200 lpm
Mixing ratios 0% - 6%
Foam inlet Storz D-coupling
Inlet 2” BSP FM thread
Outlet 2” BSP M thread
Material Brass
Length 310 mm
Height 185 mm
Width 140 mm
Weight 4.0 kg
Part no. 20-2000-00
Pick up tube 1.5 m 20-2300-00