WRI 2 ½ portable wide range inductor


The Fomtec WRI (wide range) inductor series represents the latest development from the Fomtec range of foam proportioning units. Thanks to the unique induction method the WRI 2 ½” inductor will maintain the same accurate proportioning throughout the whole flow range from 140 up to 1400 lpm at 10 bar inlet pressure.


  • Variable flow inductor
  • Flow rate 140 – 1400 lpm
  • Suitable for 1% foam
  • High back pressure
Fomtec® WRI 2 ½ portable wide range inductor


The WRI portable inductor can be used in all portable and mobile applications. As it will adjust induction ratio to 1% regardless of number of nozzles, delivery hoses and water flow it is a versatile and unique tool for flexible modern fire fighting. If connected to a piping system it can also be used in fixed applications such as wet pipe sprinkler systems. Like the BFZ range of foam inductors it will create a pressure drop of approx. 35% to allow foam suction.


The WRI portable is connected to a water supply hose with an inlet pressure of approx. 10 bar. The WRI works using the injector principle, i.e. foam concentrate is sucked into the inductor without using a foam pump. Thanks to its revolutionizing technique, the WRI inductor will automatically adjust foam suction to the current water flow. A delivery hose is connected to the inductor outlet. Regardless of the number of dividers, hoses and nozzles connected, the WRI will always deliver accurate proportioning within the flow range. Foam suction height has a physical limit of approximately 3 meters.


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Technical data

Model WRI 2 ½”
Size R 2 ½”
Foam inlet R 1”
Flow Rate (max) 1400 lpm
Flow rate (min) 140 lpm
Design pressure 10 bar
Pressure drop 34-39%
Proportioning rate 1%
Suction height (max) 3 m
Weight 9 kg
Length 380 mm
Height 245 mm
Material (body/outlet pipe) Bronze/stainless steel