PE 60-1500 R cylindrical polyethene foam tank


Fomtec PE cylindrical foam storage tanks are made of high quality polyethene material. The foam tanks are especially designed for the purpose of foam storage under atmospheric pressure and will ensure the best possible storage conditions for any foam concentrate.


  • High quality polyethene
  • Suitable for all foam concentrates
  • Suitable for inductor or foam pump systems
  • Supports up to 3 systems
  • Flexible design
Fomtec® PE 60-1500 R cylindrical polyethene foam tank


Fomtec foam tanks can be used in land or marine based applications and is suited for use with foam pump or inductor systems.

Standard components

Fomtec atmospheric pressure foam tanks have the following standard components:

  • 150 mm manhole
  • Vacuum safety valve
  • Pick up pipe for inductor systems or threaded bottom outlet for foam pump systems


  • Up to 3 pick-up pipes
  • Test/drainage valve
  • Level indication


Fomtec foam tanks can easily be used with conventional proportioning equipment such as:

  • Inline inductors
  • Foam pump

Technical data

See technical data in the datasheet.