Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO is film forming fluoro-protein foam concentrate (FFFP) consisting of hydrolysed protein and a blend of fluorocarbon-, hydrocarbon surfactants and various solvents and stabilisers. Only C6 Pure fluoro-surfactants are used in Fomtec FFFP-formulations. Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO utilises the unique film forming effect to cut of oxygen supple to the fire and the oleophobic properties of the foam enables a stable foam blanket to suppress reignition of the fire.


  • Short chain C6 Pure fluorochemistry
  • Approved according to ICAO Level B
  • Suitable for Class A and B fires
  • Low and medium expansion foam


Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO should be used at 6% proportioning
(6 parts concentrate and 94 parts of water). May be used with all water types. Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO can be stored as premix when blended with fresh water.
For use on Class A type fires, induction ratio of 0,6% ICAO to 0,5% is recommended depending on application and discharge device.


Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO has been tested according to EN 1568 for use on class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil and diesel. It can also be used in class A fires such as wood, paper, textiles etc.
Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO is suited whenever a low proportioning is needed.

Typical applications include high risk installations such as:

  • Civil aviation
  • Process industry
  • Foam systems
  • Civil defence

Typical data

Appearance Dark brownish
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,150 ± 0,020 g/ml
Viscosity at 20°C spindle #1, 60 rpm ≤ 15 mPa∙s
pH 6,5 - 8,5
Freezing point -15˚C
Recommended storage temperature -14˚C to 55˚C
Suspended sediment (v/v) < 0,2%

Fire performance & Foaming

The fire performance of this product has been measured and documented according to “International Approvals” stated in this document. The design parameters depend on type of system and application. The use of the product should follow design guidelines. The foaming properties are depending
on equipment used and other variables such as water and ambient temperatures. Average expansion 6:1, average 25% drainage time 2:30 minutes using UNI 86 test nozzle according to EN 1568-3.


Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO can easily be proportioned at the correct ratio using conventional proportioning equipment. The equipment should be designed to the foam type.
Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO is suitable for use in Type II (gentle application) and Type III (direct application) discharge devices as well as sprinklers according to EN 13565-2. It can be used in low and medium expansion applications with all convention-al aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices.
Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO is also suitable for use in CAF-systems.


Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO can be used together with foam compatible powders and other expanded foams.
It is suited for all water types. For mixing with other concentrates, contact Fomtec for advise and guidance. For material compatibility please refer to our Fomtec Technical Advices FTA 20 addressing the topic.


Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO is formulated using raw materials specially selected for their fire performance and their environ- mental profile. All raw materials are registered in European REACH-database. Fomtec FFFP 6% ICAO is non-toxic, bio-degradable and each individual component is fully tested and documented.
Fomtec only use C6 Pure fluoro-surfactants in our FFFP formulations. Our film forming (FFFP) products contains no PFOS or PFOA in accordance with US EPA Stewardship Programme 2010/15 and EU Directive 2017/1000. More details can be found in the Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS).
The disposal of spills of concentrate or premix foam solution should be made in accordance with local regulations. For more detailed information please consult our Fomtec Technical Advices FTA 40.

Storage/Shelf life

Stored in original unbroken packaging the product will have a long shelf life. Shelf life in excess of 5 years will be found in temperate climates. As with all foams, shelf life will be depen-dent on storage temperatures and conditions.
For storage recommendations and material compatibility please refer to our Fomtec Technical Advices FTA 10 addressing the topic.



All foam concentrates should be tested annually. Testing should be carried out by an approved laboratory certified to assess firefighting foam quality according to relevant standards, such as NFPA 11, EN 13565-2, EN 1568 and IMO MSC.1Circ. 1312. Storage containers should be inspected and reevaluated for the suitability of the storage location regarding temperature fluctuations (temperature should be as stable as possible). Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.


We supply this product in 25 litre or 5 US gallon cans, 200 litre or 55 US gallon drums, and 1000 litre or 265 US gallon IBC containers. Larger bulk supply is available on special request.

International approval

  • ICAO Level B