BFZ 1 ½ – 8 S between flange inductors


The Fomtec BFZ (Between Flange Z-inductor) series represents an extension of the existing line of Z-inductors for fixed use.


The BFZ inductor can be installed in all fixed flow systems, especially in areas where deluge nozzles are used such as storage facilities and aircraft hangars.


  • Fixed between-flange installation
  • High back pressure
  • High suction height
  • Suites all foams


The BFZ is installed inside the pipe work between two DIN-PN16-flanges. The BFZ works using the injector principle, i.e. foam concentrate is sucked into the inductor without using a foam pump. Both low and high viscosity concentrates can be used in conjunction with the BFZ. Depending on the requested flow, pressure, foam concentrate type and proportioning ratio, the inductor will be equipped with the exact orifice at the entry of the foam pipe. Induction performance and suction height will be factory adjusted per application.

When ordering

Each inductor is factory calibrated to match the specific system requirements. To ensure that the correct performance is achieved, the following parameters must be defined at the order stage:

• inlet pressure
• total system flow
• foam type & viscosity
• mixing percentage
• vertical suction height
• horizontal suction pipe length

Installation guidelines

To achieve foam suction and correct foam mixing, the BFZ must have a pressure drop of 34% at 1% & 3% mixing ratio and 36% at 6% mixing ratio.

Technical data

Please see the attached datasheet.