Bele L-100 high expansion foam generator


The Bele high-expansion foam generator is designed for total flooding systems or local application of high expansion foam. The massive volume of expanded foam will keep the water application to a minimum and extinguish through a combination of vapour surpression, cooling, oxygen reduction and wetting capability. Depending on foam concentrate used, it is also suitable for inside/hot air applications and polar solvents. As standard, the Bele S-250/400 series have stainless steel 304 body, carbon steel red epoxy painted (RAL 3000) connection piping and brass nozzles.


  • For inside/hot air use
  • Excellent foaming properties
  • Recommended foam Fomtec LS range
  • DIN or ANSI flange option
Bele L-100 high expansion foam generator

Recommended foam concentrate

  •  Fomtec LS EXP
  •  Fomtec LS xMax
  • Fomtec LS aMax


Bele units can be installed for horizontal or vertical hi-ex foam application. The foam generator is attached to foam premix pipe system with threaded connection as standard. The foam premix feeding line should be equipped with a strainer mesh size no greater than 2,5 mm.



The Bele high expansion foam generators can be used for
applications such as:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Ship holds and engine rooms
  • Power stations and transformers
  • Gas turbine generators
  • Flammable liquid storage
  • LNG vapour surpression
(1): The expansion ratio is depending on foam concentrate type. Results achieved in full scale tests. Please consult Fomtec for most suitable hi-ex foam concentrate for your application.

Technical data

Model BELE L-100
Flow rate L/min – 4 bar 83
Expansion ratio 4 bar (1) 450-600:1
Flow rate L/min – 5 bar 91
Expansion ratio 5 bar (1) 450-600:1
Inlet connection 1” BSP FM
Weight Kg 10


The Bele high expansion foam generators are water driven, passive type, and do not require any other power source to function in case of fire. It can be attached to any foam proportioning system such as inductor, bladdertank or foam pump.
For correct operation make sure that:

  • Air at the suction side is clean (depending on foam
    concentrate used).
  • The foam generator mesh must be clean and free of
    grease and other foreign material.


  • Grooved inlet connection
  • DIN or ANSI flanged inlet connection


After use:

  • Clean the strainer in foam premix line.
  • Clean the generator externally and internally with
    fresh water.