About Foam Analysis:

Foam samples are analysed on foam concentrates and ready-made solutions (premixes). It is also possible
to test induction ratio, i.e. check that the system is mixing in the right proportions. Collect all foam samples in
cleaned bottles and label them accurately for safe identification.

The foam analysis is performed according to industrial/system standard like EN 1568 and UL or to IMO for marine applications.

Analysis of a foam concentrate requires a minimum amount of 1 litre. For analysis of ready-made foam
solutions (premixes) a sample of 10 litres will be needed. The sample should be taken a maximum of 1 month
before shipped to Fomtec.

For induction test three different samples are needed for each measuring point: one sample of the foam
concentrate used, one sample of the water used during the release test and one sample of the foam produced.
Collect the foam produced in a cleaned vessel and let it drain back to liquid. Collect at least 0,5 litre of this liquid
in a cleaned bottle. Collect 1 litre of the water used during the release test as close to the injector as possible.
Finally, collect 1 litre of the foam concentrate used during the release test.

Delivery time is estimated to about 20 working days ex works Dafo Fomtec, Helsingborg. PFOA/PFOS has an
estimated delivery time to about 20 working days. Express Service can be provided to extra cost. The analysis
will be performed within 24 hrs or 48 hrs ex works Dafo Fomtec Helsingborg depending on type of test. Express
Service for testing according to IMO will take 48 hrs delivery since the sample needs to be heated to 60°C for 24
hrs before analysing. Always contact Fomtec for a confirmation when requesting the Express Service.

Fill out the request below and send with the package of samples to the address below.

Dafo Fomtec AB
Foam Analysis
Garnisonsgatan 47A
SE-254 66 Helsingborg, Sweden

It is important that you fill out your contact data in order for us to send the reports. Add a MSDS for each foam sample you send.
Received samples will be retained for two months before disposal.