Renex K Blue

Fomtec Renex K-Blue is a novel fire extinguishing powder based on a complex of Potassium Bicarbonate (90%) and is an extremely efficient fire extinguishing powder and imparts excellent fire protection for medium to high risk areas. It is recommended for use on class B and C fires where it exhibits superior performance when compared to other commercially available BC type dry powders.

Water repellency

All raw materials used, are carefully selected and of superior quality. With a special treatment of high grade silicones the Renex K-Blue is hydrophobic under a wide range of temperatures and humidity. Physiological safety declaration: There are no toxicological objections upon Renex K-Blue powders while handling properly and used in case of fire.

Foam compatibility

Renex K-Blue powder is compatible with all common foams.

Appearance Pale blue powder
Apparent density >0.8 kg/cu dm +/- 0,07
Moisture content Less than 0,25%
Flowability > 70 gram/sec
Particle size >0,063 mm (%) 74 -90
Corrosion & abrasion effect Non corrosive or abrasive
Temperature stability range -30°C to +60°C

Extinguishing mechanism

Potassium Bicarbonate powders extinguish flammable liquid fires by interfering with the chemical reactions which are taking place in the combustion zone. These chemical reactions produce “free radicals” which attach themselves to the surface of the powder particles introduced into the flame, thus the flame ceases to exist and the fire is extinguished.



Renex powders are formulated not to be affected by long term storage. However, although all powders are stable at low temperatures, there are upper temperature limits for storage which will depend on the chemical nature of the particular powder. As a general guide, temperatures of 50˚C should not be exceeded. Powders should be stored in a dry location in original packaging until required for use.



Renex K-Blue powder is available in a range of pack sizes and styles. For standard shipment, Renex K-Blue powder can be supplied in paper bags each 25 kg net, 40 bags on a pallet, with stretch foil wrapping on a pallet: Dim. 100 x 120x 120 cm, gross weight per pallet: 1032 kg.


Manufacturer’s note

The mixing of different types of powder (e.g. ABC- with BC-powder) may result in caking/lumping, and the emission of gas, which will increase pressure in the extinguisher to an unsafe level.