HPJ jet pump


The HPJ Jet pump is constructed for a pre-calculated water flow. It creates a high pressure drop in the feeding line, caused by the high pickup rate, which has a maximum of about 60%. Foam is drawn through a pick-up tube from a container at atmospheric pressure. The pre-set flow of foam concentrate is continuously added to the water stream. The HPJ Jet pump is specially designed for use with high flow nozzles. A special control valve built into the base of housing secures this outstanding performance. A non-return valve prevents water flowing back into the foam container, once the water supply is turned off or waterflow is to low.



  • Performs with all foam compounds including AR-AFFF
  • Variable induction at 1% or 3%
  • Accurate
  • Easy in use
  • Reliable
HPJ jet pump


The HPJ Jet pumps variable in-line inductors are used to mix foam concentrate with water when the foam concentrate is supplied from a tank at atmospheric pressure. This in-line inductor is designed to proportion large amounts of concentrate.

Recommended Foam Concentrates

The inductor performs with all types of foam concentrates, including high viscosity alcohol resistant concentrates at 1% or 3% proportioning rate. 6% Proportioning is optional.


The HP inductors could be delivered with the following options:

  • Stortz, BS336, NH or other couplings
  • Different mixing ratios

Technical data

Utlizing a small amount of water between 1000 and 4000 GPM, this high efficiency venturi‐type device, moves foam concentrate from a remote storage location on to a self inducting foam nozzle, direct or through an around the pump system, via a fire hose. This system simplifies and improves the logistics of moving large amounts of foam concentrate, required to exinguish a large flammable liquid fire.

HPJ-Jet pumps are supplied in conjunction with matched system setup. Foam concentrate inlet on matched nozzle can be provided with 2.5mtrs of reinforced hose with shut‐off valve. This configuration allows foam concentrate to be drawn directly from a foam concentrate 1000ltr IBC. For the models for 1500gpm and up, it is recommanded to connect multiple IBC’s through the bottom connection to a HPJ-Jet pump.

Please see the technical data-table in the datasheet.