ZF Inductor fixed inductors


The Fomtec ZF-series represents an extension of the existing line of BFZ-inductors, designed especially for use in fixed installations at lower system flow rates. Thanks to the fixed shunt (compared to membrane) it is less sensitive to pressure peaks that can occur in pipe systems. The built in non-return valve prevent water from reaching the foam concentrate storage tank.


  • Designed for fixed installations
  • Rugged bronze and brass construction
  • Each unit calibrated according to system inlet pressure and flow rate
  • Suites all foams
Fomtec® ZF Inductor fixed inductors


The ZF inductor can be used in all fixed flow foam systems.


The ZF is installed to the pipe work through threaded connections. Foam storage tank pipe or pick up-tube is connected to the foam inlet. The arrow on casting body indicates flow direction.


The ZF works using the injector principle, i.e. foam concentrate is sucked into the inductor without using a foam pump. Both low and high viscosity concentrates can be used in conjunction with the ZF inductor. As for any traditional foam inductor, the overall calibrated flow rate must correspond to the system flow rate to allow foam suction and correct foam mixing. Depending on the requested fixed system flow rate, inlet pressure, foam concentrate type and induction ratio, the inductor will be equipped with the exact machined orifice.


The Fomtec ZF inductor can be specially calibrated with following optional settings or accessories:

  • Induction ratio setting
  • Suction height
  • Suction Y-filter
  • Pick-up tube (reinforced PVC)
  • Additional dip pipe (solid PVC)
  • Inlet/outlet couplings or flanges

When ordering

Each inductor is factory machined to match the specific system requirements. The possible calibration point for the ZF fixed flow inductor is typically between 100 and 600lpm, depending on system parameters. To ensure that the correct performance is achieved, the following parameters must be defined at the order stage:

  • inlet pressure
  • total system flow
  • foam type & viscosity
  • mixing percentage
  • vertical suction height
  • horizontal suction pipe length

Technical data

Model ZF
Water flow Fixed flow rate / inlet pressure calibration
Pressure drop Approx. 35%
Induction ratio setting 3% (other settings on request)
Foam inlet 1” BSP FM thread
Maximum suction height 2 meter (other settings on request)
Inlet 2” BSP FM thread
Outlet 2” BSP M thread
Material Bronze / Brass
Length 310 mm
Height 285 mm
Width 140 mm
Weight 5,0 kg