WRP 6”-10” BT Wide range proportioner


The Fomtec WRP BT are suitable for fixed foam systems where a variable flow rate can occur, such as in sprinkler systems or multiple deluge systems. The WRP allows very accurate proportioning which is constant over the whole flow range.


  • Fixed proportioning ratio 1%, 3% or 6%
  • Water flow 70 – 20,000 lpm
  • Between flange construction
  • Suitable for ARC foam concentrates
  • Easy to install
Fomtec® WRP 6”-10” BT Wide range proportioner

Recommended Foam

All types of foam concentrates with induction rates of 1%, 3% or 6% can be used. For ARC (alcohol resistant) foam concentrate a special calibration is made in order to get optimal performance.


The Fomtec WRP is installed inside the pipe work between two DN flanges with a minimum pipe length of 5 times the diameter before and after the WRP. The foam inlet is connected to the bladder tank. The operating temperature should be above 0°C. Make sure that the pressure loss over the foam concentrate line from the bladder tank does not exceed 0,3 bar.

Key Data

The Fomtec WRP BT, wide range proportioner for bladder tanks, offers an exact pre-settled proportioning ratio of 1%, 3% or 6% over a wide water flow range between 70 lpm and 20,000 lpm. The foam inlet is equipped with a non-return valve to prevent water from going back into the bladder tank.

See technical data in the datasheet.