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Independent Evaluation of Flourine Free Foams

Evaluation of Flourine Free Foams was performed by Dynax and Resource Protection International (RPI) with the logistic support by Fomtec and Falk Nutec. This is a summary of ICAO Level B and EN 1568 fire test results.

Dynax Corporation is a major producer of C6-telomer-based fluorosurfactants and fluorochemical foam stabilisers for use in AFFF, AR-AFFF, FP, FFFP and AR-FFFP agents, and a founding member of the Fire Fighting Foam Coalition (FFFC).
In the past, Dynax has received from customers and other sources conflicting information regarding the fire performance levels of Fluorine Free Foam (F3) agents, particularly against the ICAO Level B foam standard.
Despite individual attempts by some foam manufacturers in the past, F3 agents have rarely been subjected to an independent and comparative evaluation under the same test conditions.

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