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Fomtec is now using C6 in all products

After years of hard work Fomtec are now all C6. Fomtec has developed formulations from C8 to C6, to secure that we only produce firefighting foam that are completely C6. Many of our C6 products are now approved by agencies and will be manufactured from now on.

-I´m talking for the entire Fomtec when I say that we are very proud to announce that we are all C6. It´s important for us to provide our customers with high-quality foam that responds to our environmental policy, says John-Olav Ottesen CEO Fomtec.

To Fomtec the environmental awareness is very important. One of the achievements of C6 foam is to reduce the environmental impact. Many of our products are already approved by UL, ULC, IMO, EN and ICAO. We will continue our work with approvals, to secure that we always deliver the highest quality.

In the extended communication Fomtec will use the C6-logotype during 2015, printed on product labels, in advertising, exhibitions, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact John-Olav Ottesen, CEO: info@fomtec.com, Phone: +46 8506 405 66, Fax: +46 8506 405 29