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Ran M-38

When a petroleum storage tank or refinery fire becomes fully involved, only hi-volume flow systems can bring the situation back to control. The RAN-M-38 combines incredible flow range and volume to smother the fire while also keeping operating personnel at a safe distance.
RAN-M-38 brings the capability and control back to the fire department saving lives and property.
The RAN-M-38 is a trailer-mounted monitor capable of delivering up to 46000 lpm of water/foam solution up to 152mtr in range. Designed to be towed by a full-size truck, the monitor can be quickly delivered to the developing hazard and put to work once available hose lines and pumping systems have been attached. Monitor control can be accomplished through manual hand wheels by a single fireman or remotely through electric motors, preventing personnel from hazardous exposure at the incident. Robust, durable and dependable, the RAN-M-38 is the answer for large-scale fire fighting of petroleum/chemical storage fields and refineries.