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  • Swefan 21"

    SweFan 21” is the latest model of our PPV fans, manufactured in Sweden. This new model is a result of all enquiries received, mainly from customers abroad asking for a high quality fan with a high capacity but smaller in size than our larger fan SweFan 24”. The size makes the fan easy to store on fire trucks and in other spaces. SweFan 21” is direct driven and powered by a reliable Honda engine. The unit is running with a minimum of vibrations and stays stable on most surfaces and in any angle. Big wheels and a handle ensure easy transportation. The fan can easily be tilted in 5 different angles. All the unique accessories we manufacture for use with our SweFan 24”, like exhaust hose, door adaptor and Hi-Expansion foam adaptor, are also available for our new SweFan 21” making it into a versatile fan you can use for a lot more than just moving air.
  • Swefan 24"

    SweFan 24” has been built for and in cooperation with professional fire-fighters, and has the flexibility and performance demanded in every situation. The unique accessories, such as the door adapter and the high expansion foam adapter, in combination with the proven performance make it the reliable and versatile choice for PPV professionals.
  • SL 300 - SL 380 - SL 500

    The foam skid SL 350-500 has been designed to be used as a self contained foam unit with a capasity from 350 to 500 liter of ready to use pre mix solution. The unit is ideal where ever rapid repsonse is needed and where there are no external water supply. Typical applications are Heli-deck, Offshore platforms or ships.
  • Tjalve

    Tjalve is a foam trailer for use with 200 litre foam concentrate drums and and monitor with maximum capsity of 3000 liter sper minute.
  • Rym L

    Rym L is foam trailer with a 1000 litre foam tank mounted on a wheeled chassi with piping for monitors with capacity up to 3000 litre.
  • Rym S

    Rym L is foam trailer with a 2000-2500 litre foam tank mounted o a chassi with piping for monitors with capacity up to 4000 litre.
  • Foam-Quick adapter

    The Foam-Quick is an adaper for the Swefan 24" that turns the PPV fan into a portable High Expansion foam generator. It is mounted to the fan by two 8 cm bowed edges on top of the Foam-Quick and with "snap-on" fasteners at the lower end. The double foam net is fastened to the U-profile of the Foam-Quick.