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Our hose products are designed and engineered for municipal, forestry, and industrial firefighting professionals. We also supply a complete line of industrial hose products for agriculture, irrigation, construction, military, mining, and petrochemical applications.
Meeting the requirements of the markets that they serve, these hoses are certified according:  Kite marked to BS 6391 Type 3,UL Listed , FM approved, UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency, ,DIN 14811:2008-01 Class 3, MED 96/98/EC SBG, Russian Maritime Register, DNV, Lloyds(Solas),Bureau Veritas, and other.
Fomtec provides a comprehensive range of very high quality fire hoses and comes in sizes from 1 inch (25mm)
up to 12 inches (300mm).

  • 5P - Polyester single jacket hose

    National 5P hose is the perfect medium pressure hose tough enough to meet most application requirements while remaining economical for most budgets. 5P is a polyester single jacket style hose with an EPDM rubber liner that can handle most fluids including some chemicals and petroleum based products. It has a maximum operating pressure of 225 psi (1550 kPa) and can be treated with our optional Dura-Cote™ treatment for a higher level of abrasion resistance while preventing water-pickup.
  • 6D - Polyester double jacket hose

    National 6D hose is designed almost identically to our type 8D hose but for lower operating pressures at 275 psi (1895 kPa) maximum. When the pressures are lower and the economics demand consideration, this double jacketed, rubber lined hose can’t be beat. Brass or aluminum couplings are available. As an added benefit, most sizes of type 6D are UL listed, some are ULC (UL Canada) listed or FM approved and can be labeled if required.
  • Redline LD - Nitrile rubber attack hose

    Redline LD is a premium quality, nitrile rubber compound covered fire hose that is manufactured using a unique process which permanently bonds the nylon reinforcement to the nitrile rubber cover/liner. Redline LD is an easily coiled, non-kinking, high flow, lightweight hose that resists most chemicals, petroleum products and weathering by ozone. Extruded thru-the-weave construction means that no adhesives are used, therefore no delamination.
  • Hi-Volume HFX - Nitrile rubber large diameter supply hose

    Hi-Volume - HFX is a nitrile thru-the-weave, rubber covered fire hose that utilizes both polyester and nylon yarn in the reinforcing jacket. Under pressure, the polyester keeps the hose from “snaking” where the nylon allows for controlled dilation, reducing friction loss and generating higher flow rates. All-Americans special rubber compound provides a tough cover that is highly resistant against contact-and radiant heat, abrasion, snags, and hot embers. Hi-Volume - HFX’s unique extruded thru-the-weave construction provides a flexible, easy to maneuver hose that is easy to pack. The interlocking matrix also means no adhesives are used and there is a permanent bond to all the warp and weft yarns.
  • About All-American Hose

    Fomtec is the distributor of hoses from All-American Hose, all made and tested in USA.