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Fire hydrants

Fomtec  fire hydrants are manufactured for installation in heavy environmental conditions (refineries, FPSO’s, chemical-and petrochemical industries, etc.) and are designed to grant the highest reliability during operation. Fomtec Dry/Wet barrel hydrant bodies have no moving parts and are therefore an extremely low maintenance and cost effective item of equipment. Fomtec fire hydrants are manufactured as standard in Steel pipe but can be offered as well in Stainless Steel or GRP.

Fomtec also provides UL/FM approved 250 psig rated Mueller hydrants, fully conforming to AWWA Standard C502. These hydrants are designed to provide years of reliable service as dry barrel, wet barrel or underground fire hydrant. Their proven flow characteristics, 250 psig rating, easy operation and maintenance, and some other features, place them among the best performing hydrants available. The Mueller hydrant is backed by a 10-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.
If service is ever needed, the process is simple and the parts readily available.