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Research and Development

The usage of foam as a fire fighting media has been known for more than 100 years but new types are still needed. We have to take new regulations, new demands, new equipment and new fuels into consideration. Continuous development work has provided us with a strong product portfolio with a wide selection of products with different performance and certifications. Beside our basic product portfolio, we also have tailor-made adaptations and modifications to suit special requirements.


Environmental issues are becoming more and more important. At Dafo Fomtec AB we look at our con-stituent substances to optimize the environmental profile of our products. Raw materials from renew-able resources are maximized. It is important to keep all ingredients to as low a limit as possible in order to minimize environmental impact and still have good foam with strong fire fighting properties. Hence, we promote environmentally friendly training foams purely developed from compounds originating from natural sources and recommend using the powerful fire fighting foams only when needed.


Selecting fire fighting foam is to seek optimal per-formance for the application. This can be related to many different aspects of foam. In one case, the most important factor is to have foam with freeze-protected to very low temperatures. In other cases the extinction and burn-back resistance is the prime function. Often, a combination of different features is requested. For that reason we constantly develop our product portfolio to meet the demands of our customers.


The most important parameter of foams is a quick and easy extinguishment of a fire. In order to fulfill this mission a lot of tests have to be carried out on new developments. New foams also undergo severe tests regarding storage stability where they are evalu-ated at both high and low temperatures.


First of all, it is important to state that Dafo Fomtec ABs foam formulations have never included substanc-es containing PFOS. The issue with PFOS and other related substances are now history. The old type of fluoro-surfactants has now been phased out and re-placed with the new C6 chemistry that utilizes telomerisation process in production. This new generation of fluoro-surfactants based on C6 chemistry has been extensively investigated regarding its health and envi-ronmental impact. The result from these evaluations shows that the compounds and their breakdown products are not toxic and are not bioaccumulative. Dafo Fomtec AB has invested a lot of research effort to implement the new C6 based fluoro-surfactants in the formulations. A lot of time has been spent evaluating the fire performance of the new formulation to assure that the products will perform as expected. The work with re-formulating is now complete and we are ready to supply.

Fluorine free foams

Fluorine free foam concentrates are nothing new on the market. They have been around for several years but the interest in them has risen due to the debate of fluorine surfactant in general and PFOS in particular. What is new is a lot higher expectation and requirement on fire performance for the fluorine free foams. To meet the new demand Dafo Fomtec is investing a lot of R&D efforts to develop new fluorine free alternatives with high fire performance. In a near future we will launch new generation of fluorine free products with high fire rating. However, this will not conclude our development work. We know that these new types of foam have to be improved and our inten-tion is to be among the market leaders in this segment.