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  • Sprinkler pump brochure

    Fomtec can now provide sprinkler pumps from WB Firepacks, one of the most respected suppliers in the field of Firepacks. These are pump units for fire fighting, driven by electric motors or diesel engines. WB designs, manufactures and tests all Firepacks in house. To assure a reliable and problem free operation WB Firepacks offer first-class fire protection.
  • Firepack pump room

    The conventional construction of a pump room requires a combination of multidisciplinary teamwork among designers, building contractors, technical suppliers, electrical mechanical engineers and subcontractors. The diversity of this work requires solid coordination and consensus on site. WB Firepacks introduces a completely new concept of prefabricated pump rooms or “Prefab Pump Rooms”. This Prefab Pump Room will be delivered on site: totally installed and equipped.